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For Consumers

Pippin Foods is a year-round farmers market experience available at your neighborhood grocery store. We help stores stock the freshest produce from local and regional farmers, then ensure you always know how, when and where that produce was grown with our mobile app and in-store tablet display.

With Pippin Foods, you can:

LEARN about how, when and where your food was grown.

SHOP with confidence that you're buying from family farms you can trust.

ENJOY the freshest produce delivered from field to store in 48 hours.

USE the Pippin app to see what seasonal items are on shelves before leaving the house.

Why Buy Local?

Local food supports local economies.

The money you spend on local food stays in your community and helps keep family farms on their land. Those farms, along with the processors and distributors they use, generate jobs for the local economy and are more likely to purchase their machinery, seeds and supplies locally. According to the American Farmland Trust, farms contribute more in taxes than they need in services, keeping overall community taxes down. 

Local food is better for the environment.

Non-local food is estimated to travel between 1,500 to 3,000 miles to reach you. Not only does local food have a smaller carbon footprint, far-traveling products require more packaging and refrigeration than produce coming from nearby. In addition, local farms tend to be better caretakers of their land and surrounding environment. Well managed local farms, even if not certified organic, maintain fertile soil through composting and no-till agriculture, minimize pesticide and insecticide use, protect water sources and sequester carbon from the atmosphere. 

Local food is better for you. 

Local produce is a fresher, more nutritious and more delicious choice for you and your family. Since local produce doesn't have to travel far, it is picked closer to peak ripeness, which gives it a better flavor and allows it to retain more nutrients. Local farms can also grow varieties specifically chosen for their flavor or nutrient content rather than ease of transport.

Pippin Foods helps you buy local foods within the convenience of a traditional supermarket. Simply download our app to see which stores near you carry Pippin produce and visit our in-store tablet display to learn more about the local farms you're supporting.